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🔧 Instructions and Tools 🔧 ISO PS2

🔧 Tools and Programs to Enjoy the PlayStation 2 ISO 🔧

¡IMPORTANT! to unzip you need WinRAR 6.0 or higher, otherwise it will show password error or damaged file. Why use this version of WinRAR? Because it has better file compression.

Link WinRAR by www.HixDax.com

💻 PCSX2 1.6 Emulator de PlayStation 2 for PC + BIOS PS2 💻

Link PCSX2 1.6 + BIOS PS2 by www.HixDax.com

Burn PS2 ISO to DVD at 4x with UltraISO

Link UltraISO by www.HixDax.com

💻 Last Update Open PS2 Loader 💻 🎮 PlayStation 2 🎮

Link OPNPS2LD by www.HixDax.com

💻 How to add PS2 ISO's to the USB/PENDRIVE with USBUtil Ultimate 💻

Link USBUtil Ultimate by www.HixDax.com

💻 How to start Open PS2 Loader with DVD and USB 💻

Link OPL with DVD y USB by www.HixDax.com

💻 How to start Open PS2 Loader with Memory Card Boot 💻

Link OPL with MC BOOT by www.HixDax.com

💻 How to convert ISO PS2 PAL to NTSC / NTSC to PAL 💻

Link EasyPatch PS2 VFIX by www.HixDax.com

🔧 PlayStation 2 ISO Extraction Instructions 🔧

Ø  Extract

Ø  PS2 ISO decompression password: www.hixdax.com

Ø  Depending on the size of the ISO, it is the decompression time

Ø  Open the containing folder of the PS2 ISO

Ø  PS2 ISO ready to play

Ø  Now to enjoy the PS2 ISO, using any of the methods to do it.

Ø  If it has been useful, share and follow HixDax for more contributions, a Hug.

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